In your silence, we raised our weapons for survival.

For the past five years, the Amhara people have endured a relentless wave of atrocities that have left their communities shattered and their lives in turmoil. We, the Stop Amhara Genocide association, stand as witnesses to the horror that has befallen our people – a saga of genocide, marginalization, ethnic cleansing, and unspeakable violence.

Torture and imprisonment have become chilling tools wielded against Amhara journalists, activists, and intellectuals who dared to voice their dissent against the oppressive regime. Those who sought truth, justice, and equality were met with brutal suppression, their voices silenced in the most heinous manner imaginable.

During the Tigray war, Amhara men were mercilessly sent into the battlefield without weapons, a calculated attempt to decimate our population. Women have suffered the horrors of rape, and mass killings have plagued our communities. These heinous acts aimed at erasing our identity have left scars that may never heal.

Our cries for intervention, both from our own government and the international community, have fallen on deaf ears for years. We’ve sent countless letters, reports, and evidence of the atrocities unfolding, yet the response has been silence – a silence that has only fueled the impunity of those responsible.

Even as we pleaded for recognition of the horrors we face, we were met with indifference. We warned of the growing desperation within the Amhara population, a people who had lost faith in international justice and were forced to organize for their own protection. The plea for intervention before another catastrophe struck went unanswered, leaving us defenseless and disarmed against the ongoing genocide.

Amharas are standing up for their right to life, to exist as a people, and to protect their families. Fano, the Amhara Popular Force, is a mobilization of all Amhara men and women who refuse to let their culture, heritage, and lives be obliterated. Fano includes farmers, doctors, engineers, mothers, and teachers who have taken up weapons to safeguard their people.

Contrary to the narrative of our oppressors, Fano does not engage in wanton destruction. No banks are targeted, no rapes are committed, and no crimes of vandalism stain our cause. The captured soldiers of the opposition are treated with respect, showcasing the character and values of the Amhara people.

Now, a chilling truth has emerged – we know that the very government sworn to protect us is complicit in this genocide. The hands meant to build the nation have been stained with the blood of our people. This revelation reinforces our determination, and we declare that the genocidal government responsible for these atrocities must be held accountable. The truth must be unearthed, justice must be served, reparations must be made, and reconciliation must finally prevail. The Amhara people yearn for lasting peace, built upon a foundation of truth and justice.

In your silence, the Amhara people faced annihilation. Now, with unwavering determination, we raise our weapons not for war, but for survival – survival of a people, a culture, and a heritage that have thrived for over three millennia. We beseech the international community to stand with us, to amplify our voices, and to ensure that the world hears the plea of a resilient people who refuse to be silenced any longer.

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