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Friday April 22, 2022 Source_ Ethio 360/ Daily News Yeka, Addis Abeba, esp Woreda 5 & 10

Residents refused to leave their homes citing ,”lack of scientific, legal, and moral grounds” of a “Forest Homes Project” to build a palace and parks. Prosperity Party (PP) is pressuring residents, who are not only homeowners but renters who moved seeking affordable housing. They say the project will exacerbate the high rents and lack of housing already existing in the city. Residents also agree that the goal is to eliminate the association of Emperor Minilik II name with the existing palace and reduce it to a park as part of PP’s campaign to destroy historical heritage of Addis Ababa and, in general, Ethiopia.
Reported by_ Eyerusalem Tekletsadik Ethio360

Friday April 22, 2022 Source_ Ethio 360/ Daily News, Addis Ababa

Executives of Awash International Bank S.C. & Berhan International Bank S.C. with instructions from the government announced that their offices will remain open on Good Friday contingent upon whether the Christian Tewahedo Orthodox Church will transfer funds to the banks. The institutions also made Good Friday a special training day for executives to identify who will refuse to break their religious lent or fast by eating food that was served. Only Awash removed its announcement to keep its institution open on the holiday. But, both banks and Dashen Bank are threatening to make Easter Sunday a work day. Reported by_ Eyerusalem Tekletsadik Ethio360

Friday April 22, 2022 Source_ Ethio 360/ Daily News, Amaro, Gumaydo & Segen, Southern Region, Ethiopia

Regional government allowed armed militants to kill, loot and help imprison Koore civilians, labeling them as “Amhara regime-longing people.” Residents who also don’t contribute to fund the purchase of ammunition were threatened to have their homes burned.
Reported by_ Eyerusalem Tekletsadik Ethio360


Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 11.01.53

War crimes uncovered in Amhara

Over a year into Ethiopia's civil war, one of the federal government's top military commanders says they're planning on entering Mekelle, the capital of the rebel Tigray region, to - “eliminate” the last of their enemy.

Brussels Press Club on Amhara Genocide

A voice from the Amhara

The Amhara people claims to be caught up as victims in the middle of political interests, facing severe human rights abuses and attacks. To give them a voice as well, experts from the ground, plus some Brussels-based voices might assist us to get a clearer picture of the situation on the ground.

Screenshot 2022-09-13 at 11.38.19


Depuis plus de 30 ans, les Amharas, ethnie de plus de 40 millions de personnes en Ethiopie, sont systématiquement persécutés, chassés et tués. Au cours de ces 3 dernières années, le processus a pris une très importante ampleur. On ne compte plus les villages où les hommes, femmes et enfants Amharas ont été massacrés.

Reports & Publications

By Robert Johnson 11 July 2022

On June 30, 2022, in Geneva, the United Nations Human Rights Council held an Interactive dialogue on the oral briefing of the International Commission of Human Rights Experts on Ethiopia.

By Willy Fautre 8 November 2021

On 4 November, the EU High Representative issued a declaration about the situation in Ethiopia in which he stressed that “the EU is particularly worried about the recent escalation of fighting in the Amhara region and the military advances of the TPLF and Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) as well as aerial bombardment by the Ethiopian Airforce of Mekelle, all of which risk dragging the country further into fragmentation and widespread armed conflict and worsening the situation of the population.

In the shadow of the national and regional elections and behind the smokescreen of the Tigray conflict, Amharas are victims of repeated massacres in total silence and impunity, several Amharas said at a press conference held on 16 June at the Press Club in Brussels.



Yodith • April 19, 2022 A doubly discredited Prime Minister Dr Abye Ahmed, leader of an ethnic apartheid regime read more...


.The politics and security of the Horn of Africa has never been so complex. The Horn of Africa is said to be the most complex security zone in the world with Djibouti hosting military bases of France, China, Britain, Spain read more ...

Screenshot 2021-05-03 at 10.57.39

At the time, you had to be mad to doubt Abiy Ahmed. In a nation tired of authoritarian rule, here was a prime minister pushing democratic read more

In this paper, I will attempt to analyze some aspects of problematical down-ward trend of collective intelligence among Ethiopia’s political leaders and elites.


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